Lotus 18

Colin Chapman’s U-turn

In 1960, Colin Chapman sought to identify the most straightforward and uncomplicated way of building a Formula 1 car. The result was his first rear-engined design, the trendsetting Lotus 18. This book charts the 18's competition history, from its inception, up to 1966 - via sensational victories over Ferrari at Monaco and the Nurburgring.


Colin Chapman's previous attempts at producing a Formula 1 car had been a complete disappointment. Despite being technically advanced, extreme lightness led to numerous structural failures.
In 1960, Chapman decided to start with a clean sheet of paper, assessing the basic requirements for a contemporary Formula 1 car, and identifying how to achieve them in the most straightforward, uncomplicated way. The result was one of Chapman's greatest creations - the Lotus 18 - a trendsetting, rear-engined car that was to set new performance standards from the outset.
Driven by some of the top drivers of the era - including Innes Ireland, Jim Clark, and John Surtees - it was Stirling Moss who made the car's name, winning four Grands Prix, including his sensational victories over Ferrari, against all odds, at Monaco and the Nurburgring in 1961.
This book describes the history of the Lotus 18 throughout its seven-year competition career, via season by season summaries, and provides detailed appendices charting the individual histories of all 28 chassis that were built. Full race results are also presented, along with driver achievements.

About the author

Mark Whitelock’s enthusiasm for motor sport started in 1957, when his father took him to Goodwood. On Easter Monday 1960, he was at Goodwood again, cheering Innes Ireland and the Lotus 18 to victory over Stirling Moss, giving him a special affinity with both that car, and that driver.
By the early ’90s, disillusioned with contemporary Grand Prix racing, Mark turned his attention to historic racing and cars, and became an early supporter of the return of motor sport to the Goodwood circuit.
Mark retired from a career in banking in 1999, and took up writing for pleasure.

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Lotus 18

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