Hot Rod & Stock Car Racing

in Britain in the 1980s

Covers the continued development of short oval motor racing in the UK. At the top level of the sport, cars became more sophisticated and expensive, which led to the introduction of new classes to cater to drivers who no longer had the budget to compete at this level. Promoters continued to work with each other and there was a regular interchange of drivers across the country – not only at major championship events but also in one-off team meetings. Over ninety never-before-published photos and championship listings complement the evocative text. Complete with 100 nostalgic pictures from racing throughout the decade, and a comprehensive listing of major championship dates, venues and winners.


Short oval racing (Hot Rod and Stock Car Racing) was, and remains, one of the best supported forms of motor racing in the country, in terms of both competitors and spectators.
Hot Rod and Stock Car Racing had seen packed terraces throughout the sixties and seventies, as the public went to local circuits each week to cheer on local heroes (and, of course, see the crash and bash). The sport much developed through these two decades, and arrived in the eighties as a slick, professional-looking sport which now boasted national rather than local heroes.
Whilst the top level of the sport became more costly, the promoters began to introduce new classes to cater for the drivers who had become left behind in the race for purpose-built equipment. These new classes were to be the training ground for the star drivers of the future.
This is the first work on the sport in the 1980s, and shows how the existing formulae developed throughout the decade, and how UK promoters continued to work together to keep the sport at a truly national (and in some classes international) level.
Complete with 100 nostalgic, mainly colour pictures of racing throughout the decade, and a comprehensive listing of major championship dates, venues and winners.

About the author

Richard John Neil has been a motor racing enthusiast for over 30 years. He started out as a keen, young spectator at the race tracks in southern England, and began writing about the sport for his local media whilst still at school. Richard is still a keen motor racing enthusiast who has also covered many other sports as a radio, television and event commentator.

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