Works rally Mechanic

BMC/BL Works Rally Department 1955-79

For 22 years Brian prepared cars for international rallies, providing service support for ‘Big' Healeys, Minis & TR7s. Adventure, hilarious events, hardship, winning, losing, & real danger.


The inside story of the BMC/BL Competition Department from 1955 to 1979 under the various management styles of Marcus Chambers, Stuart Turner, Peter Browning, Basil Wales, Richard Seth-Smith, Bill Price and John Davenport. From a works mechanic’s point of view, Brian Moylan tells how competition cars were prepared, how rally support was organised and graphically describes what it was like to repair and service cars in difficult conditions, and against the clock.
The book also traces the evolution of BMC.BL rally cars from Big Healeys to TR7s.
A story of fun, hilarious incidents, hardship, winning, losing, real danger and, above all, the great adventure of being directly involved with world class rallying.

About the author

Brian Moylan started working for MG in 1950 as a mechanic in the service/repair shop. In 1955 he was drafted in to the Racing Department. which was the centre for all BMC competition work. During his time there he was fortunate enough to work on several rally winning Minis including the 1967 Monte Carlo Rally winner. Just before the factory closed in 1980 Bryan was offered the position of manager of a small satellite Morris Garages outlet. Bryan has always been involved in the MG Car Club, serving on the committee of the local Centre in various capacities. Since his retirement he has started giving slide shows on MG history and writing articles for the leading Classic Car magazines, plus three books on MG and rally connected subjects. Bryan also works closely with the Abingdon Museum setting up MG Exhibitions and is currently working towards having a permanent exhibition in the Museum.

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Works rally Mechanic

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