1950s Motorsport in Colour

A unique collection of over 200 rare original colour photographs of Grand Prix and sports cars, taken between 1954 and 1959 at races and hill-climbs in England & Ireland. This book is an absolute must for Revivalists and all lovers of motorsport.


All the pictures were taken with an M3 Leica, and all the action shots with a Leitz 135mm Hektor lens with an aperture of f3.5: this meant that to get decent shots you had to be very close to the action, as many of the pictures reveal ... After nearly 50 years, Martyn discovered the forgotten transparencies and taught himself to digitize them and to repair the damaged pictures. All these rare images vividly recall a very different era of motorsport and, collectively, recapture the spirit of motorsport in the 1950s.

About the author

Whilst studying at Dublin University, Martyn Wainwright joined the photographic club and, as part of the club’s activities, went to a lecture given by the late Max Boyd - then the sports editor of Irish Motoring Life. Martyn, subsequently, acted as Max’s assistant at a number of races and hill climbs. When Max left to become the Sunday Times Motoring Correspondent Martyn inherited his place at Irish Motoring Life. In 1954 Martyn started taking colour photographs at the meetings he attended in England and Ireland, despite knowing that no-one was going to publish them as the process was then too expensive.

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V315 • Hardback • • £29.99 • 160 pages • pictures • ISBN: 978-1-904788-15-7 • UPC: 6-36847-00315-9. Price subject to change, P&P extra.

1950s Motorsport in Colour

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