The Ducati Monster Bible

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When Ducati released the Monster in 1993 it created a new niche market for the naked motorcycle that continues today. Continual advancement over the past 18 years has enhanced the Monster’s ‘less-is-more’ philosophy, and Ducati has created Monsters to suit everyone, from entry-level 400s and 600s to Superbike-powered Testastrettas. All Monsters share the naked style that showcases the engine and chassis, while providing ergonomics suitable for cities or canyons.


When Ducati unleashed Galluzzi’s Monster at the Cologne Show at the end of 1992, few expected it to become Ducati’s most successful model. Dramatically styled, minimalist in stature, yet bristling with innovative engineering, the 900 Monster created a new niche market. A multi-faceted machine, the Monster bridged the gap between racetrack oriented sports bikes and cruisers. Here was a naked motorcycle that was as much a performance machine as a cruiser. The Monster’s radical styling has also been the inspiration for a large after-market industry, providing cosmetic and performance accessories, and with engine capacities ranging from 400 to 1100cc there really is a Monster for everyone. This book provides a guide through the maze of Monsters produced over the past 18 years.


  • Full description of development model by model
  • Analysis of the Monster by each model year
  • All Monsters covered, from 600 to 1100cc
  • Unravels a myriad of different models and specification changes
  • Complete appendices of technical specifications

About the author

One of the world’s foremost motorcycle historians, Ian Falloon is the author of twenty books on motorcycles, of which ten are on Ducati, including the best-selling Ducati Story, and Ducati Twins Restoration Guide. As an owner of several Ducati 750s since 1973 he has a particular enthusiasm for this model, still owning the 750 Super Sport he bought back in the 1970s. Ian trained as a symphony orchestra oboist before a serious motorcycle accident forced a change in profession. Born in New Zealand, he is a freelance contributor to a number of motorcycle magazines around the world, and currently lives in Australia with his wife, Miriam, and sons, Ben and Tim.

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The Ducati Monster Bible

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