A first-time-buyer’s guide

Introducing the wide range of motorhomes and campervans available, this book helps you to make a considered choice that suits both your budget and your needs. Covering new and used markets, written in plain English, and with full colour photographs throughout, this book explains all you need to know for safe, happy motorcaravanning.


With the cost of family holidays increasing, more an more people are looking to take their holidays at home, so a campervan or motorhome makes an ideal choice. Combining transport and accommodation, motorhome popularity is increasing both for holidays and as a hobby.
This book gives guidance on the many sizes and types of motorhome available, the accessories you may expect your motorhome to be equipped with and it also shows you what you can do to make your motorhome more individual.
Covering every aspect of motorhome ownership, it explains the pitfalls of the ‘payload’ and ‘maximum gross weight’ figures and how to check them, and discusses fuel types, habitation, electrics, leisure batteries, chargers, fuel cells – in fact, everything you need to know to be a safe, self-sufficient motorhomer.


  • Written in clear, concise layman's terms
  • Full colour photographs throughout
  • Tackles the basics
  • Not overly technical
  • Covers all types of motorcaravan
  • Written for the beginner but also useful to the more experienced buyer
  • Covers campervans and motorhomes
  • Written by an enthusiast
  • Looks at buying both new and used
  • Helps you match your needs to your wallet

About the author

Trevor Fry has been an enthusiastic motorhomer for more than 15 years, owning, maintaining and improving coachbuilt and proprietory motorhomes.

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eISBN: 978-1-845845-40-7 • eV number: eV4540 • Published: November 2013 • Language: English • Digital edition: First Digital Edition. Base eBook price: £7.49 / $9.99 / €9.99 (vendors may set their own prices, so actual prices may vary).
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V4449 • Paperback • 21x14.8cm • £9.99 • 80 pages • 109 colour and b&w pictures • ISBN: 978-1-845844-49-3 • UPC: 6-36847-04449-7. Price subject to change, P&P extra.


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