Porsche 928

This book covers the full history of the Porsche 928, looking at the variants sold on the domestic, American, British, Australian and Japanese markets, from the time the car was launched in 1977 until the last one was built in 1995. In line with the policy established by the author in his other Porsche titles, contemporary material – supplied almost exclusively by the factory – has been used to illustrate the book for authenticity, and to help owners pinpoint what is and what is not correct for any specific year in any given country. Advertising and brochures are also reproduced, giving the reader a feel for the era and marketing tactics.


The 928 was originally designed as a replacement for the legendary 911, although traditionalists wouldn’t let the air-cooled machine die, and the fuel crisis that occurred soon after the new Grand Tourer was launched meant its stunning performance on the road would not be matched in the showrooms. There was hardly a bad word written about the 928 or the beautifully-engineered V8 that powered it when it was new, yet it always seemed to be in the shadow of its older, six-cylinder stablemate. Today, over a decade since the last car was built, interest in this magnificent Porsche is increasing, as people start to judge it in a different light. This painstakingly-researched book looks at the birth of the 928, and then follows its progress around the world, taking in all the variants in all major markets, as well as a peak at its racing exploits. Illustrated with contemporary material throughout, it is the perfect guide to this eight-cylinder Porsche.

About the author

Brian Long has been a professional writer for more than 20 years, with over 40 highly-respected books to his name, including German and Japanese translations. Born in Coventry, the heart of the British motor industry, he comes from a proud engineering family, and trained in that field after leaving school. He now lives in Japan with his wife, Miho, and their two children, Louis and Sophie-Mercedes, and is a committee member of the Japan Automotive Hall of Fame.

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Porsche 928

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