Ferrari 312P & 312PB

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The origin and subsequent history of the 3-litre Ferrari sports cars, which the famed Italian firm designed and built to contest the various versions of the World Sports Car Championship between 1969 and 1973. This series of cars started with the V12 engine and progressed to using the Flat 12 Ferrari engine from the then current Grand Prix car. Includes the developmental and race history, with a full list of all events and individual chassis numbers.


The late 1960s and early 1970s formed a significant epoch in the world of international sports car racing. As the motor racing rule-making body moved back and forth between cars that less and less resembled road-going vehicles, prototype sports car racing captured the imagination of manufacturers, teams and fans alike. Porsche vs Ferrari vs Alfa Romeo vs Matra provided some of the best ever racing for sports cars. At first the 5-litre Porsches and Ferraris battled through 1970 and 1971, but the 3-litre prototypes that previously had run in another class rapidly became more and more competitive. By 1973, the Ferrari 312PB, little more than a Grand Prix car with full bodywork, was dominating the scene. This has always been viewed as one of the great eras in sports car racing, when all the Grand Prix drivers were fully active in sports cars as well as F1 machines. With 100 contemporary pictures, this is the story of a great time in motor sport history.


  • The first book dedicated to the Ferrari 3-litre Prototypes of 1969-1973
  • A complete history of the development of the 3-litre Ferraris of this period
  • The full competition history of each individual chassis
  • Rare and previously unpublished photographs of the Ferrari 312P and PB
  • A season by season account of the Ferraris in the World Championship
  • A full list of all races and each individual chassis number
  • A brief profile of the works Ferrari drivers from 1969-73

Additional info

  • Covers the period 1969-1973, and models 312P V12 (1969-70), 312P Flat 12 (1971) and 312PB (1972-73)

About the authors

Born in London, Peter Collins has been a motoring writer and photographer for over fifteen years. He has a lifelong interest in motorsport and racing history, and has been attending events worldwide since 1965. Co-founder and now editor-at-large of magazine Auto Italia, he also contributes to other European and American publications and websites, and has recently become European editor of website Retrospeed.

Ed McDonough is an experienced and well-known motoring writer, and this is his ninth book about the history of motor sport. He is European editor of Vintage Racecar magazine, and is one of the few journalists able to test and race the important historic machinery he writes about. He has raced for over forty years, and still competes in international and historic events. He did a track test of one of the key cars in this new book, and several of his titles have featured tests by him. Ed also does radio commentary at Goodwood, Monaco and American events.

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Peter Collins, author and co-founder of Auto Italia magazine, talks about his love of motorsport, cars, and more in this exclusive Veloce video.

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V4259 • Paperback • 19.5x21cm • £15.99 • 128 pages • 145 colour and b&w pictures • ISBN: 978-1-845842-59-8 • UPC: 6-36847-04259-2
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Ferrari 312P & 312PB

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