Unleashing the healing power of animals

True stories about therapy animals – and what they do for us

This amazing book details how, by employing patience, understanding, compassion and love, rescue animals can become therapy animals. Taking you through the journeys of nine animals and one human, the book demonstrates how human-animal connections can lead to a relationship that is both therapeutic and healing, regardless of species.


Ten animals – nine non-human and one human – take you on ten journeys, where, in each case, an animal in need of rescue overcomes their issues and goes on to help people overcome theirs.
Dale Preece-Kelly, an Animal Assisted Therapy Practitioner, details his own very personal experiences – and how he was rescued by his animals – describing how the creatures he has rescued have become first class therapy animals.
Featuring a unique range of species, some never previously used in a therapeutic environment, this book demonstrates how each species brings its own benefits to a therapy session. With a foreword from respected Animal Geographer Dr Daniel Allen, who has long supported Dale’s work, the book also gives advice on how to select and ‘train’ a therapy animal, what the benefits are of working with different animals, and how the benefits of each species differ.
This book provides a unique and fascinating insight into the field of animal-assisted therapy.


The stories of a diverse range of rescued animals
How animals who have been helped go on to help others
How rescue animals can make it as therapy animals
Reveals what’s involved in achieving a good therapy animal
How animals with personality can go on to affect our personalities
Ten true stories of the human-animal connection
True stories of rescued animals who have helped people in need of rescue
Animals who came in from the cold and warmed the hearts of many
Mammals, reptiles, amphibians and insects – a truly therapeutic menagerie
An insight into the life of animals used in therapy

About the author

Dale Preece-Kelly is an Animal Assisted Therapy Practitioner who is regarded worldwide as a pioneer in the discipline of animal assisted therapy. He has worked extensively in this field since 2010, almost exclusively within the mental health sector. Here, he has honed his unique skills for helping rescued animals to overcome their issues, animals who then help those with psychiatric disorders to overcome their own issues. Dale’s work is unique in regard to the fact that his non-human colleagues are highly diverse, and he works with a range of exotic animals, including skunks, chinchillas, African pygmy hedgehogs, tortoises, lizards, snakes, amphibians, and even insects, as well as dogs and rabbits. All of these creatures are Dale's own companion animals, who live with him at home.

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HH4956 • Paperback • 22.5x15.2cm • £9.99 • 88 pages • 32 colour and b&w pictures • ISBN: 978-1-845849-56-6 • UPC: 6-36847-04956-0. Price subject to change, P&P extra.

Unleashing the healing power of animals

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