Detector dog

A Talking Dogs Scentwork® Manual

Detector dog guides you through the steps that will help you teach your dog how to detect a particular scent, no matter where it's located. Hidden in a bag, under a sofa, on a car, or up a tree, searching for this scent will turn your dog's favourite pastime into your favourite hobby.


As a drug detector dog handler with HM Customs & Excise, Pam Mackinnon searched all over the UK, from oil rigs to cruise ships, postal depots to airports, and vehicles to houses. Combining her detection skills with her work as a dog training and behaviour consultant, Pam developed the UK's most successful scentwork training programme that teaches all dogs to become detector dogs. With almost 30 years’ experience, you and your dog are in safe hands as Pam takes you through each stage of scentwork, beginning with introducing your dog to a specific scent, through starter searches, and on to advanced work, indoors and out. Aided by illustrations and full colour photographs of many different breeds at work, this manual will open up a whole new world of activities that you and your dog can enjoy together.


Training techniques suitable for all dogs – not just working dogs
An emphasis on working in co-operation with your dog: true teamwork!
Clear, coherent and comprehensive breakdown of how to teach scentwork
Dedicated to searching for specific scents, rather than confusing a dog with tracking
Scent teams are taken on a journey, from starter to advanced searches
Addresses handling skills front and centre as keys to success
Includes a great variety of ideas for searches, indoors and out
Technical and practical explanations for searching in specific ways
Reveals how safe searching is integral to good scentwork practice
Based on operational skills combined with training and behavioural knowledge

About the author

Pam Mackinnon has been a professional dog trainer for almost 30 years. Building on her skills as a drug detector dog handler for HM Customs, and combining these with her experience as a pet dog trainer and behaviourist, she founded Talking Dogs Scentwork®. Now working exclusively on scentwork, Pam's previous experience includes being a trainer for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, the behaviourist for Wood Green Animal Shelters, and a puppy trainer for Dr Ian Dunbar. Helping pet dogs learn about scentwork is endlessly interesting and rewarding for trainer, dog and owner. Positively addictive!

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Detector dog

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