Cats really are nicer than people!

This little book is about cats; cats of all shapes, sizes and colours, and specifically about those that have shared their lives with the great and well-respected astronomer, the late Sir Patrick Moore CBE FRS, over a lifetime of 80 years. This is Patrick’s very personal account of the cats that have been part of his family, beginning with Bonnie, who died at the grand old age of twenty, through to the two beloved feline s– Jeannie and Ptolemy – that he lived with most recently. The fascinating and engrossing text is complemented by personal photographs of Sir Patrick, his adored mother, Gertrude (also a cat-lover), and the many cats that have filled Patrick’s life with love and companionship. Reveals a delightful and charming side to the man who attained international status as a writer, researcher, radio commentator and television presenter, and who is credited with having done more than any other to raise the profile of astronomy.


  • A side to Patrick Moore that’s not usually seen
  • Written from firsthand experience
  • Learn about Patrick’s life with his beloved cats
  • Test your cat’s intelligence with Patrick’s quiz!
  • Read of the antics of Jeannie and Ptolemy; the two felines that live with Sir Patrick
  • The two pampered pusses have their very own ‘cat garden’
  • Patrick Moore was the Patron of Cat Action Trust and longstanding supporter of Cats Protection (formerly the Cats Protection League)
  • Spans a lifetime of over 80 years!

About the author

The UK’s longest-serving media darling, host of The Sky at Night, which was launched in 1957 and has recently aired its 700th episode, Patrick Moore was an astronomer, former spy, and, best of all, a cat guy. A heart condition meant that Patrick was tutored at home, so had little contact with children of his own age. However, loneliness was not a problem for him: “My boyhood was unusual. I can’t recall a single friend until I was 15. But I always had my cats.” Ptolemy and Jeannie lived with him, in a house with a notice on the door that days: ‘The house is maintained entirely for the convenience of our cat.’ In fact, given a choice between people and cats, Patrick would always choose cats, hence the title of his book.

Exclusive video

"Given a choice between the average person and the average cat, I would go for the cat any time, and my book will explain why ..."
Sir Patrick Moore CBE FRS

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