App privacy policy

Mobile apps from Veloce Publishing


  • None of our apps store or transmits your personal data or device information
  • The only information that can 'leave' the app is controlled by your device's operating system. For example: dialling a phone number, adding a contact, or searching on maps.
  • Input and saved data cannot be accessed outside of the app, can be cleared easily, and is removed when the app is uninstalled.
  • Our apps are only available from the Google Play Store, Amazon App Store (for Android and Kindle Fire), Apple App Store, and Microsoft Windows Phone Marketplace. If you have acquired one of our apps from any other source, it is not covered by this policy, and is not an official version made by us.

Device information

Our apps use your system information, such as screen size and density, to function. However, none of this information is stored or transmitted elsewhere. It is used for the basic functionality of the app as dictated by your device's operating system. Our apps will sometimes use your device's network/internet connection to receive data, such as new feeds, or stream videos. Again no personal information is transmitted during this process. Your location (geo/gps) is not accessed or stored by our apps. All permissions for the app are stated in the app's marketplace.

Input and saved information

Some of our apps (such as the Essential Buyer's Guide series) have the ability to store input data within them, such as phone numbers, names, and addresses. This information is only stored locally within the app itself. This data can only be accessed via the app, and none of this information is taken, stored or transmitted elsewhere. These details are not designed to be accessible through any other app, or software installed on your device. These apps have the ability to 'pass' an email address, phone number or postcode to other apps if requested by the user (for example to phone a stored phone number using your preferred phone app, or search a postcode on your maps app), however these requests are then handled by your operating system and other apps. Veloce apps will not store, sell, or distribute these details. All Veloce apps have the ability to clear input data, and when the app is uninstalled from your device, this data is also destroyed.

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