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At Veloce Publishing, we've been creating fine automotive books for over 20 years. Now, we've turned our attention to eBooks, so that you can enjoy the same high-quality titles on your e-reader, tablet, or smart phone.
Our philosophy has always been to ensure that each of our products is of the highest quality in terms of content and presentation, and be of true value to the purchaser – and it's no different with our ever-expanding range of eBooks. Click here
The home of a range of eBooks and apps that cover all-things animal – be these dogs, cats, horses, rabbits or elephants. All are produced to the same high quality as our motoring books, and offer the same great value for money. Click here

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Get maximum performance and handling for minimum cost. Written by experts, and heavily illustrated, these eBooks are guaranteed to make you go from fast, to faster – to fastest! SpeedPro delivers the goods. Click here
A range of informative, often money-saving eBooks. From caring for you bicycle, to choosing a motorhome, to how your car works, these are the perfect aid for motorists, motorcyclists and cyclists. Click here
Toying with a Triumph? Considering a Cockapoo? Taking a motorway trip with your dog? Whether you're considering a new family pet, a new car, or simply want some fun on your phone, checkout our apps. Click here

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